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Product Description

Let’s face it, if you had to eat dry kibble every day, you'd want something to make it taste better, too.

Petchup® Nutritional Condiments were created to offer a flavorful additions to dry food while providing a healthy portion of vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, omega (3, 6 & 9), L-Taurine and prebiotic to your pets’ daily diet. It’s a delicious and nutritious daily enhancement each a different protein flavor; beef (Petchup), salmon (Muttstard), pork (BarkBQ) or turkey (Muttnaise).

Petchup® is made from the finest food-grade (fit for human consumption) ingredients available. We are committed to a holistic approach to your pet's’ nutritional well-being. This assures you the best pet food condiment value available.

Pour it on, up to 2 tablespoons per day based on your dog’s weight, stand back and watch your pet eat their kibble to the last crumb!

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